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Of course, posts claiming to be leaks and spoilers pop up on sites like Reddit all the time – and ultimately there’s no foolproof way to differentiate the genuine from the hoaxers. So treat this as part of the fun of speculation for now, without any real indicators from Lucasfilm to verify it. User PlanetOfMisfitSoldrs has claimed to know a lot about the upcoming blockbuster, including its tone and title.

They didn’t give away anything specific in their post – which has been upvoted by 78% of readers – but did give some hints.

They wrote: “For those of you that remember me I gave some spoilers mostly related to marketing materials last time I posted.

“The time is getting closer now to me being able to reveal some really cool stuff, but we aren’t there quite just yet. There are a few things that I can tell you today though.

“To answer [one] question that I got a lot last time, yes, I know the title, but at this time I feel it is too risky to reveal that. I can offer some hints I guess.

“It’s a bleak title. If your guess has Rise, Dawn, New, Birth, Rebirth, Redeem, Reformed, Hope, Spark, etc… you are way off the mark.

“They definitely want this thing to feel hopeless and dark.”

The poster added: “Now this next part is just my speculation given the materials that I have access to and the things I’ve seen, but I think the first act or so of the film is going to be pretty dark before we see anything start turning around (because let’s face it this is Star Wars, there will be a happy ending).

“I think they are definitely going to hammer home that the First Order is very much running things and the Rebels are clearly the underdogs.”

That pickup from The Last Jedi makes sense, given that the Rebels were completely depleted – with only a few key players left in their midst.

But with this thought to be the final Star Wars movie of the Skywalker saga, it would be surprising if it didn’t end on a hopeful or uplifting note – even if we might have to endure more tragedy along the way.

Episode 9 is currently in production, with its title thought to be just a few weeks away from being announced. A trailer is also thought to be drafted.

Star Wars 9 is out in December.


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