Squid bought in Northern Ireland has baby SHARK inside


BONUS: Adam found a fish like this inside his calamari (Pic: Getty)

“I’d be used to wee fish or prawns inside one but not a baby shark”

Adam Todd

Adam Todd says he’s used to finding shrimp or other small prey in the stomachs of squid he buys at the fish market, but the discovery he made this week is next level.

Adam, 28, says he knew immediately that there was something unusual going on with his calamari.

He told Belfast Live: “It was something I picked up from St George’s Market on Saturday for lunch. I brought it home and started to get it ready.

“I knew there was something in it, usually the sort of squid I would get would be half the size, this was very big. Usually it would be shrimp or something tiny like that inside.”

PROMISING: Adam knew something was inside the squid as soon as he saw it (Pic: Belfast Live)

Adam, who lives in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, continued: “It was only when I started to prepare it I realised it was different, not another type or fish or prawn. I was determined to get it out in one piece.

“When I did I was speechless, I did not know what to think.

“I wouldn’t go fishing that often so the first time seeing one was in my sink. I knew it was some type of shark but not exactly what, a baby dogfish or sixgill shark.

“It was definitely a shock and I didn’t know what to do with it. I would be used to wee fish or prawns inside one but not a baby shark.”

AUTOPSY: Adam was determined to get the ‘baby shark’ out in one piece (Pic: Belfast Live)

Technically, the fish Adam found inside his squid was a Lesser Spotted Dogfish, variously known by fishermen as a sandy dogfish, rough-hound or Morgay.

It is a shark, but only in the same way that you’re an ape.

Still, it’s a great bonus for anyone planning a paella, or a fish pie.

STOWAWAY: the shark had been swallowed by the squid shortly before its death (Pic: Belfast Live)


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