Tyson Fury fight: Sefer Seferi SLAMMED by Fury’s father after quitting | Boxing | Sport


The 29-year-old, whose last fight saw him produce a masterclass to dethrone Wladimir Klitschko in Dusseldorf in November 2015, weighed in almost five stone heavier than his Albanian rival with an 11-inch heigh advantage.

It proved to be a mismatch of freak show proportions as 39-year-old Seferi struggled to mount any competitive challenge to the returning giant, charging forward with wild, telegraphed punches that were easily avoided by Fury.

With the in-ring entertainment in short supply, the Manchester Arena crowd duly delivered the fight of the night in the second round, proving enough of a distraction to leave both fighters watching the chaos unfold in the stands for almost 30 seconds.

Eventually, Fury focused his energy on his former cruiserweight rival, catching Seferi with a spiteful uppercut in the dying moments of the fourth round that convinced the 23-1 fighter to accept the second defeat of his career from the stool at the end of the round.

It was a disappointing anti-climax to a turgid spectacle – but speaking after the fight, Fury’s father, John, claimed the blame laid at Seferi’s door.

“He’s 26-0, 19 KOs, his record moves forward,” John told iFL TV.

“It is hard to gauge when a man doesn’t want to fight. Sefer Seferi did not want to fight, Tyson wanted to play games.

“He spent more time looking at the crowd and clowning around then he did looking and concentrating on Sefer. But when the playing was over and he settled a bit and got rid of the nerves, he got the job done.

“Tyson was just playing around, placing punches where he wanted to. He saw no threat at all he just wanted to shake a few cobwebs off. He just wanted to enjoy the crowd, enjoy being in there.

“He’s a showman and at the end of the day, he did what he does best.

“But when he settled and said ‘okay, enough is enough’. When he came down off his toes, he [Seferi] did not want to fight.”

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