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That’s the view of pundit Greg Rusedski, who saw Serena Williams handed a violation for coaching at the US Open final.

The rule-break caused controversy with Williams adamants she wasn’t coached by her team as she lost 6-2, 6-4 to Naomi Osaka.

Williams lost her cool, smashing her racket and was handed a point penalty.

She then called umpire Carlos Ramos a thief and demanded an apology, causing the man in charge to hand Williams a game penalty.

Rules state that coaching is not allowed during a match at a Grand Slam, however you are allowed on the WTA Tour.

And Rusedski believes that needs to be looked at to avoid any potential future controversies.

“On the WTA Tour you’re allowed on court coaching, at Grand Slams you’re not,” Rusedski said on Amazon Prime.

“There has to be a rule that’s consistent at Slams and at Tour events. Then you don’t have issues like this.

“At Slams coaching is not allowed. The rules were followed to the tee the only person Serena can blame is herself.

“The coaching was only the first violation. The rest is about her actions on court.

“She knew where the rules stood but her emotions took her out of control. When that happens, you have to suffer the consequences.”

Despite Williams’ adamance that she wasn’t being coached during the match, her coach Patrick Mouratoglou admitted he was trying to help.

Mouratoglou admitted to Pam Shriver on ESPN: “I was coaching but I don’t think she looked at me.

“Her coach [Sascha Bajin] was coaching the whole time, too. Everyone is doing it 100 per cent of the time.

“It is not a big deal breaking a racquet. She will struggle to get back from this.”

Mouratoglou then said on Twitter: “The star of the show has been once again the chair umpire.

“Second time in this US Open and third time for Serena in a US Open Final.

“Should they be allowed have an influence on the result of a match?? When do we decide that this should never happen again?”


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