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That’s the shock verdict of NBA analyst Colin Cowherd, who believes Philadelphia are in serious danger of making a big mistake by keeping Embiid.

Philadelphia have a huge few months coming up both on and off the court.

Ramifications from their Eastern Conference semifinals could end in Brett Brown losing his job, while they also have decisions to make on JJ Redick, Tobias Harris and Jimmy Butler in free agency this summer.

Embiid signed a five-year contract with the 76ers last year, while Ben Simmons will be due a big pay day in 2020.

Both Embiid and Simmons are seen as the future of the 76ers.

But Cowherd has made a compelling case as to why Philadelphia should look at trading Embiid this summer.

“The NBA gives you on the side of it’s box a big warning,” he said on Fox Sports.

“When seven-footers get hurt early, it never gets better.

“Sam Bowie, Greg Oden, Yao Ming, Bill Walton, Brad Daugherty, Ralph Sampson.

“You see Shaq deteriorate late? Kwame Brown not a great player, thought he had a great body.

“Joel Embiid has missed 63 per cent of the games in Philadelphia and he’s an All-Star and you’re going to have to make a choice eventually.

“He needs six treatments to play on the day of the game and Embiid’s got back, knee and foot issues.

“That is what they call the big-man injury bingo. That is the kryptonite trifecta.

“That’s not a sprained wrist or an ice-cream headache.

“You’re going to lose this series and you’re going to think firing your head coach is going to solve all your problems.

“You think firing your coach is your big issue in Philadelphia? It’s not. It’s a shooters league.”

He added: “Embiid is the really story of this series. Six treatments per day, missing playoffs again.

“Even the nights he plays, he isn’t 100 per cent…

“If Philadelphia loses this series, they’re going to fire this coach and they think that’s the magic elixir for wins.

“Go look around professional sports. The teams that can identify obstacles and problems before the surface and move off them, trade them, get other players for them, are how dynasties are formed.”


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