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The beef between O’Neal and Bryant is infamous from their time together with the Lakers and even more so when O’Neal left to join the Miami Heat in 2004.

The dynamic duo won the three-peat in 2000, 2001 and 2002 but a shock loss in the Western Conference semi-finals the following season spelt the end of their time together in Los Angeles.

The feud continued between them whenever they would meet on the court, with the media lapping up anything either of them said about each other.

But since both players have no retired, they have admitted to putting their past behind them and really appreciating what they achieved together.

Lakers fans always wonder what could have happened if O’Neal would have stayed alongside Bryant and how many titles they would have won.

And O’Neal has admitted it was during the 2009 All-Star game when he finally let their feud go and realise he may have acted rashly when the two were together in Los Angeles.

In a conversation aired on NBA on TNT last night, the pair sat down face-to-face to discuss their carers together, and O’Neal shared one special memory he had.

“Do you remember what you did during that game that made me realise I was *** to you all those years?” O’Neal said.

“So we got the co-MVP. It’s me, Shareef and you sat on that stage and what did you tell me to do? You told me to take the trophy home.

“I took it home and I gave it to Shareef.

“And I realise then I was like ‘I think I may have messed something up’ because a lot of the times our beef was going on, you know me I’m a master marketer.

“About 60 per cent of the time I was just saying it to keep it going, but when you did that when you didn’t have to do that because usually they take it and they mail it, but you was like ‘Shaq, you take it’.

“I just said to myself ‘luckily I won three out of four with this guy, but I was an a****** to this guy’ so I owe you an apology.

“I’m going to give you an apology but we’re not going to be doing none of that crying like Magic and Isiah.”

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