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Boxing news – Anthony Joshua slammed

s British promoter Frank Warren has ripped unified heavyweight champion , insisting ‘AJ’ will come undone when he and the WBC titleholder share the ring.

“In less than a year you look at the turnaround, Joshua was top of the tree then he went to New York and it was a complete debacle.

“He was exposed badly and gave everyone the blueprint to beat him,” Warren said.

“He won his title back and he did it in good style in that he trained hard, got his tactics right and he was fit.

“But Ruiz was a disgrace; the guy looked like he had been training in his larder.

“We know [Ruiz] has fast hands but he had no legs in that fight, he came in even bigger than he did for the previous fight so it played into AJ’s hands.

“Tyson Fury is a great exponent of exposing people’s weaknesses and for me there will only be one winner.”

Boxing news – Floyd Mayweather to shelve comeback plans

Former four-weight world champion is reportedly contemplating axing his plans to return to the ring this year following the deaths of his uncle Roger and his ex-girlfriend Josie Harris, who died within a week of each other.

According to TMZ, the passings of Roger, his former trainer, and Harris – the mother of three of his four children, has left him ‘reeling’ and ‘the last thing on his mind is fighting.’

Roger, a former world champion himself, passed away on Tuesday at the age 58 following a long battle with diabetes.

Harris, who died at the age of 40, was found dead in her card outside her home in Valencia, California.

Boxing news – Tyson Fury mocks Deontay Wilder’s power

‘s punching power has been played down by Tyson Fury, who is adamant the American doesn’t hit as hard as people have made out.

“I’ve felt the power (of Deonaty Wilder),” the newly-crowned WBC heavyweight champion told Boxing News. “Ain’t so bad. Ain’t so bad.”

He added: “I didn’t get hit by George Foreman and I didn’t get by Rocky Marciano or any of those top guys.

“I didn’t get hit by them, so I can’t comment.” (no need to close quote)

“So to say it’s the biggest punch in history, I’m not really sure because I didn’t get hit by all the guys in the history.

“Wilder, I don’t think it’s so much his power. It’s the speed it lands at, which can be tricky when you don’t see it coming.”


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