SNP leader agrees Boris Johnson is 'racist'


Scotland’s First Minister has agreed with a comment made by an SNP colleague that Boris Johnson is racist The SNP’s Westminster leader, Ian Blackford, was …



  1. Oh wow, imagine a massive opponent of Boris calling them racist, I don’t see why they would say this at all. It’s not like she has a vested interest in having people believe he is racist

  2. Masha'Allah
    Mr. Boris is a good good .
    Mr. Farage is a very nice Mp.
    Anyway May God bless United Kingdom, Aameena Allah.

  3. Fully agreed, just another Trump made in UK, pretty sure Jeremy Hunt can be more versatile and controllable in today's UK, and obviously no doubt more welcomed ane acceptable by EU

  4. Sturgeon and her degenerate SNP are communist agents of Soros, determined to destroy the Scottish nation and replace us with Africans and muslims. Evil globalist scumbags.

  5. Apart from Marianne le penn all these women in positions of leadership look like clones of Angela Merkel.. not a compliment!!!! And commenting on berkas or on the religion of satan is not racist.. and has Feck all to do with race….

  6. Media want people top think USA born Boris whose family changed their name to Johnson from the foreign relative names to sound more British is racist, so they can get votes from racists and people too stupid to realise Boris hates most British people. He's a Tory who only works for the upper classes, bankers who want to keep our economy closely linked with USA New York banks encouraging greed and debt so economy crashes every few years when many can't pay back the debts they're encouraged to have, so they can then use as excuse to bring in policies such as poll tax, bedroom tax, VAT increases, public service cuts, while they give the rich tax cuts.
    There are going to be a lot of people crying on Question Time when they realise anti EU Tories wanted to leave EU, so they can treat most British people worse, and to protect the class system.
    Nigel Lawson who was part of Tories that made millions unemployed and closely linked our economy with USA encouraging people to live in debt, and caused the economy to crash by early 90s, and economy crashes every few years since after the USA, was recently advising we leave the EU, while he was applying to live in France.
    When Thatcher didn't like EU preventing Tories mistreating most British people, such as EU saying workers should have enough breaks and genetically modified ingredients should be labelled, the secret service whistle blower David Shayler told how Tories were going along with USA funding Al Qaeda in Libya against Gaddafi. A country people didn't pay household bills, while more old British people were dying of cold than before.

  7. She says that Brexit has damaged the UK's foreign reputation, ……….strange thing to say, considering that Brexit has not yet happened!
    What is 'risible' are the continuing attempts by the Remoaner political elites to betray the referendum decision over the last three years.

  8. The opinion of an enemy of the UK ( she wants to break it up )!! … twisting quotes and paraphrasing … she deserves contempt … not fan dabby dozy !


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