‘SNL’ jabs GOP for supporting Trump, hating Ocasio-Cortez


AOC would be just too much for the GOP.

Saturday Night Live’s cold opener poked fun at leading Republicans’ unwavering support of President Trump — as long as it doesn’t involve New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The skit saw Kate McKinnon as Senator Lindsey Graham, Cecily Strong as Senator Susan Collins and Beck Bennett as Senator Mitch McConnell appearing on NBC’s Meet the Press.

Host Chuck Todd, played by Beck Bennett, asked a series of increasingly ludicrous questions to test their devotion to the president, who McKinnon’s Graham called “a financial genius and a business Jesus.”

“This man has lost a hundred times more money than I have ever made,” she joked of this week’s revelation of Trump’s huge losses.

“Let’s say Trump open-hand slaps you in the face. What would you say then?” Bennett’s Todd asked — with McKinnon’s Graham smirking, “Harder daddy.”

They even suggested surprise support for the president if he dumped wife Melania for porn star Stormy Daniels or comedian Kathy Griffin.

They only objected at the idea of Trump dumping the First Lady for AOC — with them all protesting defiantly, with the pretend Graham repeatedly slapping the table in protest.

“And he promises to love honor and enact her Green New Deal?” Todd pressed, with the fake McConnell insisting: “Well that just crosses the line. There are some things you just can’t forget.”

But even that ultimately failed to break them, with McConnell admitting when asked if Trump would lose their support, “He would not.”

“Well I would show up to the wedding but not before I mumbled a strong rebuke,” Strong’s Collins said.

As they started thinking what might lose their loyalty — including him getting “gay married” to the leader of ISIS — the pretend McConnell finally admitted, “Who are we kidding — we’ll always be ride-or-die b***hes.”

By Lee Brown

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