Signature Series Cards in MLB The Show 19 Diamond Dynasty


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  1. I don't mind the signature series but I agree that at launch these should not be in the game. this is something they should not have even announced until halfway or later in the year, it ruins wanting to grind for new cards when your lineup is already set.

  2. My only thought (complaint?) is that you are repeatedly talking about Chipper and Brett in terms of 18, which I appreciate, Chipper was the choice. But IF what we have seen in 19 is true, and plays correctly, maybe it isn’t so different between them. George Brett was a God like hit machine IRL. Trust me. He crushed Blue Jay dreams in 1985. If they get a more even hitting engine, much as I love Chipper, I would have to consider Brett.

    Point is, we’re evaluating new stuff with what happened last year. Until we see what is or is not real in 19, this is all just guessing. I’m waiting to judge once I have something to judge. And that will be Mar 26th.

  3. My guess is that some of the programs will have harder missions that reward more points so that skilled players can complete them faster but the not so skilled players will still be able to get them just a longer grind of smaller reward missions

  4. I’m fine with this if this is another immortal repeat all hell will break loose and just make them like not 99 overalls even though they did cause then we will have nobody using the lower 90s and the other program cards

  5. Quality as usual! I think they mentioned I. The streams the max card rating is 99 and there will be a lot of them so we have lineup diversity. A guy in my fb group zoomed in on the blurred out cards by mays and the autos looked like Soriano and Randy Johnson

  6. I just want to see a good progression throughout the months…if people jump from like an 84 shortstop to a 99 in the first month or two that will ruin the game completely for future content

  7. It’d be cool if the only way you could get these signature cards, is if you collect all of the other cards from the same player (like how you had to get all the ken Griffey jrs to unlock 99 ken Griffey jr in mlb 17)

  8. My guess is that the signature series cards are pretty much a ripoff of the signature series cards from NBA 2k. Which is pretty much an autographed card and then there are the limited number autographed cards which are rarer because there are only a certain amount released. Such as 1 out of 2000 released

  9. I remember me, Sean, and a few other guys were talking about something like this in the discord a few months ago. They have more variety of the cards and we get to choose between 3 cards per each position


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