Should Democrats let Fox News host a debate?


CNN’s Brian Stelter leads a panel discussion on whether the DNC should let Fox News host Democratic presidential primary debates. #CNN #News.



  1. So why is CNN the most bullshit , fake news want abe network even qualified to host a horse and pony show the Democrat's put on everyday . Could it be they are as corrupt as the Democrat's.

  2. Well they should out of fairness. You can't block one side from something because you have a different opinion from them. I am neutral in American politics and I say that either we have both CNN and Fox host a debate or neither. Simple as that. I want someone to tell me why we need to ban CNN or Fox news from the debate. I'm waiting.

  3. Fox will come up with questions like the questions on these stupid Trump surveys being passed around. Questions like :Do you think that Trump is the a better president than Obama or The all time best president? The question should be: Do you think that Trump should be Impeached or Jailed?

  4. The only reason to watch the Democrat debates now, is to see who the media like as their candidate. They would prefer any over Trump, but there are favorites – such as any person of color running < they will get relatively soft ball questions, and not seriously pushed by gotcha questions, etc.

  5. Yo CNN… why even have debates. Just announce which candidate you want to run against Trump? Tell the others they get no support… they aren't the 1… and to pound sand…. except for Bernie… just tell him to assume the position and he'll bend over.


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