Sex dance calms down aggressive pheasant, says Cornwall man


he highly territorial Reeve’s pheasant had become so aggressive that every time Steve’s mate went out on his ride-on lawnmower the bird would attack him, flying at his face talons-first.

After the client asked Steve for help, he asked his Facebook friends for suggestions on how to deal with the bird – and they almost unanimously told him to shoot it, reports Cornwall Live.

But one bright spark suggested that a ritual sex dance might be just the ticket.

Steve, who runs a pheasant shoot himself, said: “The comment was someone taking the mick more than anything.

“It’s breeding season so they [pheasants] show off who is the biggest and best so I took him up on the joke. To be fair the pheasant looked shocked more than anything.

“To be fair the pheasant looked shocked more than anything”

Steve Phelps

He continued: “One of my friends had bought me a one-sided G-string for Christmas and I thought ‘I know what I’ll wear to show off my masculinity’.

Steve, 36, described his warm-up for the ritual: “I was bent over with my tail wagging. I had sticks between my butt cheeks [which acted as] tail feathers and I was wagging my butt at him.

He added: “I think he was shocked into dismissal.”

Steve and his friends have christened the belligerent bird Reg – “because he looks like one of the Kray twins”.


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