Serie A, Bundesliga or La Liga: Which title race will be most exciting? | ESPN FC


ESPN FC’s Craig Burley and Steve Nicol share their thoughts on whether La Liga, Serie A or the Bundesliga has the most intriguing race. Nicol likes the race in …



  1. Seria A and Bundesliga are the most exciting leagues to watch right now. I barely ever watched these 2 leagues, mostly only Premier League and El Classico.
    There could be a new winner in both leagues this season.

  2. And the leagues will finish…
    Germany – Bayern as usual
    Italy – Juve as usual
    Spain – RM* or Barca as usual
    France – PSG as usual
    England – LFC a TEAM that hasn't won it for 30 years

    * RM taking the title is rare in the last decade, but these are the 2 main protagonists every year. (Respect to AM, and Simeone)

  3. The fat guy doesn't get exited of the bundesliga and serie a just because he is one of those arrogant English people who only like the prem the others at the table at least have some knowledge and taste

  4. Serie A for me. Conte is absolutely world class. I hope Inter can hang on, but I also hope Lazio don’t fall away either. I want that race to come down to the last few matches what a thing it will be to watch as a neutral. German Bundesliga comes second for me slightly because I think Bayern will hold on.


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