Selena Gomez SHOCKINGLY Quits Hollywood – Kylie Watches Tyga’s Car Get Repossessed (DHR)


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  1. Selena Gomez is my FAVORITE PERSON EVER!!!! I couldn't live without her she is so amazing in every way possible. I'm so proud of her for taking time off to be with her family and work on herself. She slays life and everyone in it!

  2. I really hope Selena Gomez is okay. I kind of censured her for a few insensitive and ignorant comments she made earlier but she seems very apologetic and regretful of her words. I'm glad she's working on herself and being honest with everyone about it. You can overwork yourself sometime and lose yourself because of it. Praying for her well-being

  3. Wait so Selena Gomez is not cancelling her tour in Europe, that means she is starting to feel better, OMG I hope she feels better I'm so stressed out for her not giving us any news, any signs that she actually here and ok, I hope she feels better and gets back at us as soon as possible. #Praying

  4. Omg crimping style baby go for it BUTTTTT.. I'm way ahead of ya, I've crimped my hair through the years, so it's no style trend she's starting up again, it's already been there. HATE when people say Ariana has brought crimping back into style when it's already been there through the years and people have been already doing it so what about the ones that are not famous do we get tagged out and spotted with our fashion starters

  5. I have Lupus, It's worse than my heart condition and rheumatoid arthritis, it literally sucks the life out of you. What I did not know was you could take chemotherapy to help with it haha, never even thought about that as a possibility. I hope she gets better!


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