“Our latest Formula 1 2019 feature on Scuderia Ferrari. Sebastian Vettel left Australia shocked and stunned, after Ferrari finished almost a minute behind the …



  1. when Leclerc came out the pit with the hard tire the gap to leader was 35.2 sec. when Leclerc catch up to Vettel {0.630 }, his gap to leader was 43 sec ( lap 30 –51 ), draw a conclusion, Ferrari still fastest but they need to fire their race strategist

  2. ferrari had the engine turned down since after fp3 so that would explain the slowness.
    They had packaging and setup issues as the packaging was too tight for the race so over heating became an issue.
    BUT dont worry this car is quick and thank God we had 2 weeks to sought this out. we will be ready for bahrain.
    If I were ferrari I would play games with the media and merc….

  3. Vettel too many mistakes?? These were not simple racing mistakes.
    Vettel's only mistake, is trying to look like Chuck Norris.
    Chuck Norris's Beard Karma is simply too powerful for Vettel.

  4. Ferrari already giving team orders? something's wrong there. It's a clean slate give both drivers a chance to win until one of them is clearly at the front then give priority to that driver.

  5. ferrari engineers are all sucks, ferrari is half a second ahead of merci in barcelona but mercedes engineers keep pushing to the limit to be ahead of ferrari in melbourne and they succeed..all must blamed to engineers & machanics of ferrari, they are stupid while mercedes engineers and mechanics are brilliant..

  6. Well i guess the Ferrari CEO's sudden death midseason has played a role last year. Still not totally explained.
    I can't forget the German DTM when the Mercs used to push the Alfas off track cause they couldn't stand to always lose in their own home championship.

  7. Ferrari should insist that the FIA monitor the Merc's settings, they could be outside the regulations….or maybe some other illegal "tricks" as Hamilton called them when Ferrari was winning last year.
    I mean 58 seconds behind? …that's like 3/4 of a lap…Somethings fishy.

  8. The problem is in a tyer it's not the car almost like the one of last year because the tyer this is stronger than the last 2 year before and it takes time to warm and thanks for fia to alert the team's warm up the tyer over 80° its just Ferrari needs a soft tyer not a stronger one and I challenge every one if they can get the last year tyer then they will see the car is so fast as like the 2 year before it's just the tyer

  9. Ferrari lost a major chunk of performance because they decided to make a last-minute change and omit the most important performance aiding component.
    The Mission Winnow decals. The lack of those stripped them of the competitive performance. #lol

  10. Ferrari! The Second Coming!! Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!!! all Testing long… All I did was roll my eyes the whole time… Same Stupidity with every Practice session… Boggles my mind…


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