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Vinyl records selling for big money online

Q: I have heard the vinyl records are selling like crazy on eBay. I have an LP collection. Which albums are getting the big bucks?

A: Eight-tracks and cassettes had their day, and you’ll still see a fair number of CDs floating around. But vinyls are timeless. True collectors will stack their walls with records, and their turntables are set to a permanent spin. Aficionados hunt for them on eBay. These people aren’t looking for just any LP; there are so many Simon & Garfunkel records in circulation that they will never fetch more than a few dollars. Certain titles are worth a lot of money. If you happen to find them in an old crate, you may be sitting on a modest gold mine. Click here to learn which albums are worth big money.

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Best LED Bulbs

Q: What are the best LED bulbs? There are all kinds for sale. I am so confused. Shed some “light” please?

A: LED bulbs are brighter and more efficient than incandescent bulbs, but their brands and designs are a total mystery to most buyers. While companies hustle and hawk their particular type of bulb, it’s handy to know exactly which kinds are worth the money, especially when they cost significantly more than their predecessors. Click here for a list of LED bulbs that are worth the money.

Best Security Programs

Q: I bought a new laptop. What security programs should I have so the hackers and scammers don’t get my private info?

A: Folks used to only worry about “viruses.” Malware has become so diverse and sophisticated than the average security system can barely keep up with the latest strains. The scariest development is security software, advertised online, available for download, which is malware in disguise. If you’re not familiar with trustworthy brands, the temptation to download just any old software may be pretty intense. The truth is, not all security systems are created equal, so it’s best to find the most trusted names. Click here for three security programs every computer should have.

Make Extra Money Online

Q: I want to make some extra money online while I am watching my kids over the summer. Any ideas?

A: Before you dive into the virtual marketplace, keep in mind that online work is still working, and you’ll need to put in the time and energy. Most people make money through a product or service, so you may need to deliver something in your car or create something that’s worth selling. Some people teach or lead seminars, and others clean out their garages and list anything valuable on auction sites. However you go about it, there will be a lot of trial and error. If you think you have the right stuff to thrive in the digital economy, tons of apps and websites can help you cash in. Click here for 20 of the best ways to make money online.

Helpful Travel Apps

Q: Summer vacation is here. There are way too many apps to choose from. What travel apps would you consider the best to have on your phone?

A: One of my favorite apps is designed to help expedite your passage through U.S. customs; as most international travelers know, America has one of the most rigorous and challenging borders in the world, and an app can prove your identity and skip all the lines. So it’s admirable to leave the phone in your luggage, but there are many key moments when the right software can radically improve your experience. Click here for 11 more incredibly useful travel apps.

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