Elon Musk claims it ‘won’t be long’ before Tesla’s Model S can travel 400 miles on a single charge


Elon Musk claims it ‘won’t be long’ before Tesla’s flagship Model S can travel 400 miles on a single charge

  • The CEO says that Tesla batteries will soon reach 400 miles on one charge
  • That claim mirrors the company’s focus on improving battery cell technolgoy
  • Current models top out at a little more than 370 miles per charge 

Elon Musk says Tesla is approaching a milestone for its electric vehicles.

In a conference call this week, Musk claimed that the company is quickly approaching the ability to get its Model S cars 400 miles on a single charge.

‘We’re rapidly approaching a 400-mile range for Model S,’ Musk said in the call according to Engadget. 

‘So, it won’t be long before Model S has a 400-mile range.’

For perspective, that means drivers would be able to get fairly close to being able tor drive all the way from New York City to D.C. and then back again. 

That range would also further concrete the electric vehicle’s position at the top of the range food chain when comparing to competitors. 

The Tesla CEO says the company is quickly approaching the abilti 

While the range won’t be a humongous leap over the company’s current range – current models are advertised as having a max distance of 373 miles on one charge – the claim that it will soon reach 400 marks a sign of faith from Musk that Tesla will continue to improve battery technology.

Engadget reports that Tesla has decided to work on its current cell technology and plans to release new technology and larger battery packs later this year.

The comments by Musk and his assurance that Tesla’s Model S will soon up its range seem to bolster the credibility of reports last year that suggested the company has been working on developing its own battery technology.

According to a report from CNBC, who interviewed several former and current employees of the automaker, the company is actively developing its own battery cells that would allow Tesla to cut ties with current provider, Panasonic.

As announced by Musk, Tesla is working to 'vertically integrate' the company's manufacturing.

As announced by Musk, Tesla is working to ‘vertically integrate’ the company’s manufacturing.

Tesla’s experiments, which are reportedly taking place in a secret lab next to its manufacturing planet in Fremont, California , would be a boon for the company whose electric cars rely on durable and advanced battery technology.

CNBC reports that the company is focusing its efforts on making lithium ion batteries with a goal of eventually being able to produce them in high volumes. 

If successful, Tesla’s battery development would expand a strategy by the company to keep most of its important important manufacturing processes in-house.


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