School lunch: Is $1.50 a child enough?


After taking out labor, equipment and transportation costs, the city of Bridgeport has about $1.50 to spend on lunch for each child. CNNMoney visits where daily …



  1. Maybe these reckless American women who can’t afford these brats shouldn’t breed I hope soon they will sterilise every single women who is reckless or mentally sick!

  2. i live in Clinton, not that far from Bridgeport and i’ve seen bridgeport. It’s tough down there and in clinton it’s great crazy how the staff works this hard for the kids

  3. My kids talk about how bad the school lunches are and I cant really afford it but with couponing and budgeting I should be able to pack them both a lunch. They currently receive free lunch.

  4. Worked at a prison before and the food they were getting served (not the food they bought themselves) was far better than the food I’ve seen served in public schools in my personal experience and as an adult. Something is fucked up when a child murderer is served better food than a child wtf.

  5. It’s $3 for tater tots milk and a panini at my school or take out the panini for salad nuggets pizza or the daily hot lunch and the food is pretty decent for school

  6. It’s better than the food they serve at the VA Hospital food. What’s supposed to be a biscuit is hard as a hockey puck. Can’t even open it to spread the little bit of jelly you get.


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