Saudi teenager who fled ‘abusive’ family arrives in Canada


A teenage girl who fled her home in Saudi Arabia due to her “abusive” family has been praised as a “very brave new Canadian”. 18-year-old Rahaf Mohammed …



  1. I wonder if she is equipped to deal with the path she has chosen? Or Will people who have cheered continue to physically support her once her tweets have stopped trending? I don't know

  2. Over YouTube targeted without consent to be made to be inflicted with frequencies were not normally exposed to again.Bbc and itv and channel 4,5 sound Weapon rapists with no consent,stealing a northern rail employee life by sound weapons.Not fake news and a human rights crime that has stolen a human life when he asked the NHS to end this psychological rape but no!Treated like a mental patient the human criminal behind the psychological rape turns up the psychological torture.No consent against a mans will,Unwanted.It must go through court.

  3. I am really shocked . When Christian women was in life threatening by jihadists in Pakistan these so called dumb asses didn't even speak about anything to save that poor girl. But now self Willingly they are taking this Muslim women as refugee. I don't know why these Christian countries leaders are hating or not helping to another Christian. Conversely, everything happens against Christians. These jihadists don't like their country, they all want live in Christian countries but they never obey local culture wherever they go. Fully unskilled people, mentally ill with religion. Shameless people


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