Sajid Javid blasts middle class drug users as Gove cocaine row intensifies


The Home Secretary describes his anger at people who use drugs without the knowledge of the victims to Sky’s Sophy Ridge. LISTEN to the Ridge podcast: …



  1. If javid gets the pm job it will be the start of the end for this country Churchill and Enoch powell will be turning in their graves muslim pm must never happen got one as mayor of London look at the mess his making of that.

  2. I think CIA and MI6 have a dossier on Gove and told him to drop out or they expose him. Gove tried to be smart by making it public first but people are not buying it.

  3. This guy is what serves as a conservative in Britain ahe? Wow. In the US he'd be left of Democrat Joe Biden. He didn't impress me much to be honest, not that it matters. And what the… how does she think he felt when hearing about the woman's baby dying? What kind of question is that and what is the purpose? SMH


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