Ryan of ToysReview, 7, is YouTube’s highest-paid star


A 7-year-old toy reviewer who posts videos of his playful critiques and analysis to YouTube is reportedly the video-sharing site’s highest-paid star.

Ryan, otherwise known under the account “Ryan ToysReview,” topped Forbes’ list of highest-paid YouTubers, which was published on Monday, after he raked in an estimated $22 million from his reviews from June 2017 until June 2018.

That income also stems from an account with his family called “Ryan’s Family Review,” in which Ryan’s younger twin sisters, mother, and father give fans an inside look into the family’s life, according to the money magazine.

The young influencer reviews toys — ranging from bicycles to costumes to Legos to Play-Doh — to his more than 17 million subscribers. He joined YouTube in March 2015 and his videos have received upward of 25 billion views.

His videos often range from 5 to 30 minutes in length, and include Ryan playing with his mom and dad.

The millionaire boy’s reviews have become so popular among children that in the fall of 2018 he was able to launch “Ryan’s World,” a toy line created in partnership with Bonkers Toy Co. The products, which include putty, goo, and toy cars and dolls, are sold through Walmart, Target and Amazon.

The 7-year-old didn’t seem surprised that his video reviews have become a hit on YouTube, telling NBC News in October that kids like him “because I’m entertaining and I’m funny.”

Ryan, whose mother described him as a “social boy at school,” told the news outlet he wants to become a game developer when he grows up.

The “boy wonder” also made Forbes’ highest-paid list in 2017, pulling in an estimated $11 million.

By Nicole Darrah

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