Rock The Vote Accuses Eric Trump Of Stealing Its Voting Registration Graphic


A nonprofit dedicated to registering young voters is accusing Eric Trump of stealing its intellectual property.

The president’s son posted a graphic Tuesday on Twitter that showed the final dates to register for the Nov. 6 elections in each state.

If the map looks familiar to you, you’re not alone. It was included in a tweet Monday from the Rock the Vote Action Fund, an organization that wants to build the political power of young progressives.

Naturally, the organization wasn’t happy that Eric Trump used its graphic without permission, especially because he took the time to scrub the Rock the Vote Action Fund logo off his version:

“We know you’re accustomed to ripping folks off, but claiming our graphic for partisan hackery when you support voter suppression & the disenfranchisement of millions is gross, even for you.”

Considering the Trump family has long been accused of taking things without paying, the news that Eric took a progressive organization’s graphic without proper credit didn’t shock many Twitter users.

That didn’t stop them from calling out Trump’s second-born son, though.

HuffPost reached out to Eric Trump, who did not immediately respond.


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