“Our latest F1 2019 feature on the Renault F1 Team. In Formula 1, reliable performance is everything. Ferrari in Bahrain, the perfect example, with Charles …



  1. Renault are the biggest bullshitters in the sport and they annoy me, i was so pissed when danny went to Renault and now look how that has turned out for him, he should of stayed at redbull i think they are gonna be one of the best teams in 2021 if Honda keeps improving that engine maybe next year 2nd place in constructors if gasly fucks off and they find someone who can actually drive.

  2. I love it, that's what you get ricciardo for leaving red bull because they were switching to Honda..,You and Alonso/McLaren were all so sure Honda was bad and so sure Renault was better! Hahahaha GO HONDA, GO RED BULL

  3. last year they got podium with a redbull chassic . but never reliable .
    they got riccardio for big money ..but a driver needs a good car and engine.
    we all know ricardio is a top driver but renault doesnt deliver.
    so the big words last year backlash now.
    im sorry for me renault is arrogant and slow with updates.
    THIS IS MY OPINION : so dont be offended

  4. Cyril is such a bullshitter saying they have delivered everything thing they said they would, challenging for podiums nd wins next year my arse, getting into the top ten is a struggle, if they get fourth this yr it’ll be a miraculous turnaround

  5. Abiteboul is for me one of the main reason why Renault still failing as a supplier and as a team. I don't see any major changes as long he is the team principal. I would love to see Renault bounce back and compete again. But I predict it wont happen under this stubborn guy.
    Love the narration btw. Wish you guys made longer videos (10-15 min) with bit more in-depth content!

  6. Ricciardo I feel sorry for that guy redbull shafted him contract wise then he joins Renault who are delusional at the best of times he needs a winning car asap and this is not the team !!!

  7. Lol fight for podiums in 2020 and wins in 2021.
    And don't forget those Renault fanboys who claimed that Renault would beat Red Bull this year and tgat Honda would be slower and unreliable!
    It was already clear that there engine sucked before winter testing!

  8. I have come to love this channel, and the insight provided. My only thing is why is the opening shifting logo 8 seconds long? I get hyped and ready to watch and then I hear "pfft pfft pfft zht tch tch tch" for 8 seconds.

  9. I think they are making good progress closing the engine gap, aero though seems like what they are struggling with. Look at there customer team McLaren, doing better with the same engine.


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