“Our latest Formula 1 2018 feature on Aston Martin Red Bull Racing. Red Bull Racing heads to Japan with the Formula 1 dreams of the nation on its shoulders, …



  1. Honda and Red Bull Racing will be a formidable force in 2019, both are well organised companies with clear lines of responsibilities unlike McLaren who have been disorganised, lacking true leadership & direction over the last 10years …. it's a real shame for what was once a mighty company.

  2. Red bull won't leave next year. New spec 3 engine makes more power than the current Renault pu.. In race trim they're not too far from ferrari and mercedes. Red Bull will likely take a lot of podiums next year, Honda MAY even be able to close the gap near entirely over winter.

  3. I've only been watching F1 for three years. I DO NOT FUCKING UNDERSTAND why other teams don't have good engines. They talk about these engines like they are the unknown for some teams, it's ridiculous. WHY can't other teams get or build a competitive engine. Don't understand it!

  4. RBR are smart people, they see from toro rosso result too with honda power unit, so I believe they have brilliant calculation to switched to honda for 2019.
    Toro rosso had forth position in Bahrain after mercedes, and ferrari.

  5. Can’t blame Mclaren,…well actually ya can, but regardless, there’s no way Mclaren could have gone on as was. They had to do something. It just sucks that now Honda is gonna make it happen. Well, F1 needs more engine suppliers.

  6. Best case scenario for 2019 would be to have RBR take a lot of wins from Merc & Ferrari and challenge for the title; worst case would be to slip into being a mid-of-the-pack team.
    Likely scenario is that they continue as the 3rd best team

  7. Helmut Marko "If we don't have a competitive engine, we will leave Formula 1." .. In other words, if we can't win we don't want to play. Imagine if all team principals acted with such an over-estimation of their self-importance. Close the door on your way out. Daniel, no regrets.

  8. I love the videos and platform, but what's up with all this old clips being used over and over. Everytime this Honda engine comes up we get this same clip from Horner.

  9. I still wanna see an America power unit in F1 obviously there is the rivalry between Chevy and Honda via Indy but I would love to see Dodges SRT department I think it’d be really cool to see


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