Prince Harry tired since married Meghan, This changes lifestyle serious


Prince Harry tired since married Meghan, This changes lifestyle serious #princeharry #meghanmarkle #changeslifestyle USA Express – Entertainment News, …



  1. 1st Who Eats That Shit?
    2cnd My Dear MM You wear Leather
    3rd Let Harry, Be A Man Let him enjoy himself with the other Male Members of the Royal Family
    4th if you Suffocate A Man that's the Fastest way of him Leaving You /Cheating on you.
    Stop Damding and Damaging Prince Harry if you don't you will regret it

  2. What are they taking about the boxing day shoot is not senseless, they cook and eat the birds and the extra is given to the local villagers to cook and feed their family over the holidays. As for the wild boar in Germany. Wild boars need to be culled because they are very destructive and destroys billions of dollars worth of farmlands and their crops. In a single night a group of boars can root up 10 acres of a farmers planted field. All those greens that Megan eats get destroyed by these animals and they breed like rabbits each female birthing up to 28 babies each year. Their babies begin breading in 12 months. Each female can produce up to 560 pig in a lifetime. With that breading capacity if you want any farmland to survive you have to kill them. Wild boars are also vicious and can kill a full grown man no problem you can not just let them grow wild. They will also eat a human if given the chance. If they were not culled they would destroy and attack everyone and everything. What does Megan expect people to do with all these boars it is not like you can put them in a petting zoo. The largest pig on record has grown to 2550 lbs. That is 1550 lbs more then an average horse at 1000 lbs. I would not want to live in a world wear boars are left to roam and breed with no culling. Their wood be no way to actually grow any crops and you would have 1000 lbs vicious killers all over the place no one would be safe going for a walk in the woods. Yet again a stupid leftist city slicker trying to push their stupid beliefs on everyone else when they know nothing about wildlife and the destruction they cause to all our farmland. One group of pigs can completely bankrupt a farmer in a weeks time. We would have no producing farmland if the boars were not culled. They are the worst kind of vermin. Being upset with Harry because he helped farmers to save their crops and their livelyhoods is absurd. That is what the gentry have done for thousands of years. They were the once who hunted down the problem animals. You married into the top gentry family the Royal Family and now you want Harry not to do what his family has been doing for thousands of years. Maybe you should have not married into the Royal Families and a military officer to boot. They use guns and they kill things when they are a problem and the hunt to feed their families and the families that work their farmland. Megan you sould have stuck to your manicured soy boys in the city. You are a fool for marrying a soldier, hunter and gentry farmers. The Royal family are the largest land holder their wealth is in the land and their wealth is destroyed if the land is not producing crops. Your own wealth today is tied to the land if it is not maintained and managed your own wealth is destroyed. To expect Harry to not help protect land is stupid all the land holders work together to kill of destructive wild animals like foxes and wild boars. Foxes to are destructive because they kill just to kill they don't just say kill one chicken in the coup and take it away. They go in the chicken coup and they kill them all. And they will kill anything that is small and young, all birds (chickens, ducks, fowl, pheasants, geese, swans, peacocks), lambs, goats, rabbits, rodents, dogs and cats. And they spread rabies. They too are very destructive as they can kill off the farmer's livestock. They also cull the deer populations to prevent them from eating the planted crops as well, it also helps with cutting back on the spread of tick born diseases like Lyme disease which destroys the health of humans, all farm animals and even horses. In America lyme disease infections in humans is catastrophic because we do not cull the dear enough, the ticks do not survive if they do not have animals to feed off of. We never cull the deer properly becuse we have lefist vegans like Megan running around screaming and know the ticks are completely unmanageable. Wild boars populations also contribute to the growth of the tick population. The human and animal suffering from tick boarn diseases is catistrophic as well. People hunt to cull destructive animal, limit disease spread, protect livestock health and to feed their families these are all necessary to having a productive farm and income producing land. Your family are land owners if you did not want to have a husband that shoots and killls to deal with land management problem and protect his family's income and wealth you never should have married a royal, royals are landowners, you stupid women. You leftist vegan city slickers don't have a clue where all those vegan greens come from do you. You have no idea how they are produced and what types of problems causes risks to the crops and farmland production. Megan you are being a dumb cow! Harry needs to just say hell no to his wife you knew full well who you were marring and what the Royal family is about and he is going to continue protecting the farmland and it's animals. You married farmers you stupid cow! Why do you think the Royal Family spend so much time at country fairs and award ceremonies. Not because they have to, it's because they want to, they are farmers and support their community of farmers, they all protect the land and what it produces and the families that live and work on the land. The shooting is a necessary evil of having healthy productive land, healthy animals and even health humans. How do we feed all the people on the planet if we do not properly manage the land, animals and the pesticides. Megan you are being a stupid cow, have I said that enough!

  3. How hypocrite she is to act so lovey dovey to animals but she is pro abortion? How could a baby is less important than animals? She should stop acting protecting she called defenseless animals because she just insult herself more… everyone said she is intelligent but it shows she is not…she is just acted like a d list actress she is… There is no genuine in her…

  4. Well if you believe for a moment that Meghan or the 'ghetto' dreadlocked mother paid for anything whatsoever you are deluded! Meghan is an opportunistic and parasitic whore and has used men all her life. She has now hit the jackpot with Harry who is unfortunately not the brightest in the bunch and is emotionally fragile. I have no doubt that Meghan THINKS she will be still able to say what she wants and go wherever she wishes but that is not the case. Like all minor royals, she will be very closely controlled by the palace staff (courtiers) and simply not permitted to do as she wishes. Sadly, Meghan is quite unsophisticated being far too uncouth and brash with 'ghetto' attributes to comprehend her trashy actions are not ladylike; although it's understood she is finally being given “extensive etiquette, deportment and elocution lessons"

  5. Harry isnt tired of Meghan. What he's tired of is the interference from people outside his marriage and threats against his wife's life. She DOES eat meat. She only said she likes to eat vegan several times a week to balance. As for the hunt, there are quite a few that sit out the hunt, including William, who has sat out many before Meghan came. And Harry was thinning out the herd in Africa. If you don't, the animals over produce and food gets scarce. Meghan understood that. In America, you must have a liscene to hunt and only when the authorities gives the permit. It is mostly when herds need thinning and is not a blood sport. All this video is doing is speculating A-GAIN. As for the no-fur policy, that is all over America and has been for decades. People, including wealthy ones, wear faux fur. If the public finds out its real, the person gets lambasted. Anyone wearing real fur gets lambasted. That's not a "Meghan" thing. It's an American conservation of species action. As for the Christmas cards, both were apropos. Will and Kate included their children as is proper. They're a family. Harry and Meghan's card is stunningly beautiful and is purely them. As for this "rift or tension", the only people I have heard is that from the gang mob mentality of the press smear campaign.

  6. heres a strange thought… WHAT IF… the ca ca FINALLY hits the fan( not a person.. the
    appliance)..and ALL of this wacko drama FINALLY ends …. and ALL of these "fairy tale love"aspirations comes to an end… and THEN .. Harry is SOOO devastated and heartbroken from his second loss in his life and can't cope and eventually takes his life as a result of the grief and stress…what THEN will people have to say and think about THAT outcome?it DOES happen in many other cases, and ANYTHING is possible… isn't it?

  7. She has no god Harry she wants your jewels all money everything I don't trust these evil bitch she didn't love you she love your money no hearth no love no jesus bitch don't respect d majesty ill put her in d dungeon


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