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It is no secret that many gay fans have been ‘shipping’ a relationship between Steve Roger and his best pal Bucky for years.

There has also been much appreciation for Steve, Thor, Black Panther, and Drax shirtless scenes. Not to mention Hulk’s cheeky cheek-flashing in Thor Ragarok.

In celebration of Gay Pride across the world a penetrating but not exactly scientific study by US entertainment website Vulture has ranked every Marvel movie, all 19 of them.

It’s not just buff torsos that win or lose points, though, the hilarious criteria also focuses on Black Widow’s various terrible hairstyles, the disappointing fudging of lesbian characters, Sex and the City parallels, Vision’s love of cashmere sweaters, and Angela Bassett’s hat. Iron Man 3 even won points for a Joan Rivers cameo.


The Vulture article proudly accepts the arbitrary and playful nature of its rankings, although they do also coincide with the general popularity of most of the movies across all audiences.

Its no shock to find the rather dreary and unpopular Thor: The Dark World and The Incredible Hulk languishing at the bottom.

There are few surprises towards the top with the technicolour Guardians movie both faring well. Vol 2 scores major points for the fact that: “Elizabeth Debicki is painted in gold and runs an evil space gym.”

But there is no stopping the runaway victor with the powerful triple threat of: “Shirtless Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, and Cate Blanchett.”

Thor Ragnarok’s jubilant director Taika Waititi tweeted: “Yaaaasssss! Take that “Iron” Man!”

The Vulture article by writer Kyle Buchanan is unashamedly amusing and celebratory of the genre but does not shy away from observations that Marvel has always fully embraced its gay fans, but there is still work to be done on better representation of alternate sexualities on the MCU big screen.

Perhaps there is still time for a ‘Stucky’ happing ending yet…


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