Poll leaves CNN's John King speechless


CNN political analysts were at a loss for words while discussing a poll conducted by the Economist/YouGov that found 53% of Republicans said that Donald …



  1. lincoln stole their sex slaves.
    trump, presumably, owns sex slaves.
    this isnt even a tough question for a confederate. seriously. trump will beat any president in that poll, because confederates hate all the u.s. presidents.
    maybe johnson beats him. johnson did his best to give em all their sex slaves back.

  2. I think I’ve stated this before, but… Being dead, Lincoln is powerless to drive conservative policies. Tho, it still is a tight contest due to Trump’s mental deficiencies.

  3. how can anyone be surprised by this poll result, other than how high the percentage that thought lincoln the better person, his party was to the left when compared to the democrats of that time, so, in effect they are admiring a person who today would be considered a left of centre democrat, repugnants!

  4. In the new Republican Party, “All men are created equal except foreigners, the poor and non-white.”

    The transformation of Republicans dates back to FDR and the rise of big government.
    It became the party of small government and big business.
    Now with the country more diverse than ever, the GOP is struggling to keep up with the times.


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