Poll gives Theresa May highest approval rating since becoming PM


Theresa May has had a tough political week but it seems to have improved her standing in the eyes of voters.

Some 47% of voters view her as someone who is brave and sticks to her principles, according to a poll by Opinium Research.

It is the highest rating she has had since becoming prime minister in 2016, the organisation said.


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The poll of 2,016 adults also saw Labour’s lead cut to one point, steady at 39%, while the Tories moved up two points to 38%.

But the good news for the embattled PM ends there.

Just over half of voters (53%) disapprove of how she has handled Brexit overall, while just 28% approve.

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The week began with Mrs May backing out of a Commons vote on the Brexit agreement she had reached with the European Union, amid growing fears that she would lose.

She then survived a confidence motion among Tory MPs and went to Brussels to plead for more concessions only to return empty-handed.

She is now facing rival cabinet calls for a second EU referendum or a “no-deal” Brexit.

The refusal of EU leaders to renegotiate has left her with an agreement that will be almost impossible to get through parliament.

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The majority of the cabinet reportedly believe her deal to be “dead”.

A third of voters, 33%, think the UK will quit the EU without a Brexit deal in March, the Opinium poll said.

The online survey was carried out on 13 and 14 December.


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