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Humiliated Theresa May’s anticipated resignation is the end of a wasted near-three years in Downing Street.

Quite simply she wasn’t up to the job and any tears should be reserved for the cold-blooded robotic leader’s victims, from children mercilessly plunged into poverty to our older citizens whose free TV licences May is stealing.

On Brexit she was out of her depth, May making herself a prisoner of hardline Tory fundamentalists rather than reaching out earlier to other political parties.

Yet there’s no guarantee that whoever the Tory sect picks to replace her will do any better, given she lost the Conservative majority in a paralysed Parliament and Brexit might prove the challenge without an answer.

Britain needs a General Election and real change while the Tories are planning old ­policies with a new face. Let us decide if we want a new Government – or whoever follows May will fatally lack legitimacy.

Gong wrong

Fat cat Philip Green retaining his knighthood is an insult to the tens of thousands of decent people honoured with gongs.

Details of the allegations of intimidatory sexism levelled by Labour peer and former Cabinet Minister, Peter Hain, should be the final straw, whatever Green’s denials.

Failing to strip “Sir Philip Greed” of his title after the job and pension-destroying BHS scandal was unforgivable.

Volunteers, charity workers, fundraisers, public servants and everybody else officially recognised for exceptional contributions to society deserve honours. Green doesn’t his.

Gene-ius work

Medical science’s potential to improve our lives is enormous and that includes treating Down’s Syndrome in babies within the mother’s womb.

Of course families love their children, born with or without disabilities, but if gene research can be perfected it could end the heartache of many new parents.

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