Jeremy Corbyn says crunch Brexit talks with Theresa May went ‘very well’


Jeremy Corbyn says his crunch Brexit talks with Theresa May went “very well.”

After the talks, which lasted just over two hours, Jeremy Corbyn told the Mirror that they had gone “very well” and that he expected to sit down again with the PM soon.

Talks between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn were took place in the Prime Minister’s office in the Commons.

Also attending were Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay, chief whip Julian Smith and senior Number 10 aides on the Government side and shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer, shadow business secretary Rebecca Long Bailey and shadow chief whip Nick Brown on the Labour side.

Amid claims that Labour could table a no confidence motion in the Government if talks broke down, a Cabinet minister told the Mirror they thought that was “unlikely”.

“There are a lot of independent MPs in the Commons just now.

“If they vote against the Government in a confidence vote and trigger a general election they will lose their seats.”They don’t want that, so they may well abstain.” 


Labour frontbench aide James Frith has called for a meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party to push Jeremy Corbyn on a second referendum. 

He said: “Such is the strength of feeling by Lab MPs to input on any deal brokered between @jeremycorbyn and the PM; I’m calling for an urgent PLP meeting tonight after Shadow Cabinet so all Lab MP’s can make the case for our towns, and Labour’s policy of a Final Say on any deal”. 


A Labour spokesman said Mr Corbyn was ready for “constructive discussions” and wanted to see his party’s demands enshrined in UK legislation as negotiating goals for talks with the EU on the future relationship.

“He is going into these as serious discussions,” said the spokesman. “If she is at last prepared to move on her red lines, we are ready for constructive discussions.”

Mr Corbyn was also meeting Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon for separate talks.

In a tweet following her meeting with Jeremy Corbyn, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she would be “surprised and very disappointed if Labour sold out” for the “bad deal” likely to be available from Theresa May.

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