Former Labour staff could face disciplinary action after probe into leaked report


Former Labour staff could face disciplinary action after probe into leaked report, the shadow chancellor has admitted.

Anneliese Dodds stressed the inquiry had to be independent to have the confidence of everyone in the party.

But she said that “disciplinary action” could follow.

Keir Starmer and his deputy Angela Rayner ordered an “urgent independent inquiry” into the leaked report which was first published by Sky News over the weekend.

The 860-page dossier alleges that Labour staff conspired to undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s bid to win the 2017 general election and the party’s handling of anti-Semitism complaints.

The document, which was drawn up by allies of Mr Corbyn and claims that some senior Labour staff opposed to Mr Corbyn used the party’s own machinery to work against the then Labour leader.

Keir Starmer announced an independent investigation into the 800-page document which was leaked over the weekend

Asked today if former staff could be expelled from the Labour Party, the Shadow Chancellor replied: “It’s got to be an independent review so that it’s trusted across the board and I think it’s absolutely right that Keir and Angela said it will be.

“Now I would anticipate that disciplinary matters might then be followed after that review but I think it would be premature to second-judge it.

“There needs to be a proper investigation into this.”

But Ms Dodds said it wouldn’t be “helpful” to say what should be done to particular individuals.

The dossier, which includes 10,000 separate emails and thousands of private WhatsApp communications, also claims these private messages show senior former staff “openly worked against the aims and objectives” of the party’s leadership.

Ms Dodds have others have expressed concerns that the leaking of the report has put people’s personal information into the public domain.

Dodds said she “wasn’t aware of this report until it was leaked”.

She added: “We need to understand the circumstances under which it was leaked because there’s sensitive information in there, individuals are named.”

“We also need to look at the cultures that appear to have been described in that report and that needs a proper independent review, that is going to be delivered, and I think that will answer any questions that people have.”

Ms Dodds said: “We really need to deal with these questions. I think for anybody watching this right now they probably would be saying to themselves why is the Labour Party yet again having internal problems, particularly when we’re in the middle of a national crisis, so it is immensely frustrating to me.”

Anneliese Dodds says she wasn’t aware of the report until it was leaked

She added: “That kind of things is clearly deeply deeply unpleasant and that’s why we need to have an independent review to understand hat happened and deal with it above all make sure it never ever happens again.

“The Labour Party has got 580,000 members, if there are cases where staff have behaved inappropriately all of those members are being let down and ultimately we need to have a strong opposition so the health of our democracy .”

Last night the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs which includes former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, former Home Secretary Diane Abbott and former Justice Secretary Richard Burgon, released a statement demanded that the leaked document be published in full.

They also demanded the involvement of the party’s ruling NEC.

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Keir Starmer elected Labour leader

The statement said: “We understand the disappointment and frustration that many Labour members will feel with the details revealed in this report. It contains revelations of senior officials undermining the 2017 general election campaign and suggests there are cases to answer on bullying, harassment, sexism and racism.

“We express our solidarity with Labour volunteers who give up their spare time to fight for a better society and to get a Labour government.

“We believe people must stay and fight for a Labour Government, organise to defend our socialist manifesto and push for action.”


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