Football fans ‘will not have to pay hiked train fares when matches are switched for TV’


Football fans should not have to pay extra for train fares when games are rearranged for TV, ministers declared today.

The Premier League will press rail firms to be more flexible for supporters using the network to follow their teams.

Fixtures are announced months in advance but can be switched at short notice if broadcasters want to show them live.

Supporters who buy train tickets in advance to save cash when they follow their teams to away fixtures are often left out of pocket when games are chosen for TV.

It means they frequently have to fork out for higher fares having thought they were bagging a bargain by booking early.

Rail Delivery Group chief executive Paul Plummer said: “It’s not fair that last-minute changes to the match day schedule can increase costs for travelling fans, which is why train companies are working together to see how we can increase flexibility and give more people certainty about their ticket.”

Premier League executive director William Bush said: “We are working closely with the Government on an extensive range of schemes and we are confident there are some truly transformational projects that we can take forward.

“Both the Premier League and government are committed to working hard for a fairer, affordable, safer deal for football fans.

“We continue to work with rail industry leaders on proposals and look forward to setting out a joint way forward which will improve the travelling experience for fans on match days.”

Rail Minister Andrew Jones said the “last thing loyal supporters deserve is to pay more when matches are rescheduled at the last minute”.

Rail Minister Andrew Jones

“Football is all about passionate fans,” he said.

“Significant changes are now within reach which can ensure even more people use our railways to get to games and improve the experience for all passengers on match days.”


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