Brexit news: ‘Bus trips halted, planes grounded and UK meat banned from EU under no-deal disaster’


Bus trips could be halted, planes grounded and British meat banned from the EU under the latest ­no-deal Brexit warnings.

The potential consequences of failing to seal a pact with Brussels are outlined in Whitehall’s technical notices.

They reveal UK coach operators may be unable to access the EU.

An agreement with Brussels would mean coach holidays and tours could continue, but regular services would be banned.

British airlines hoping to fly between the bloc and the UK would have to get permission from each country.

Imports could be halted in the event of no deal
(Image: Reuters)

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And European carriers wanting to fly between Britain and the continent would have to seek UK authority.

The notice warns: “If such permissions are not granted, there could be disruption to some flights.”

Thousands of British lorry drivers could lose the right to work on EU roads as their permits become void.

Airlines may need to get permission to fly over each European country
(Image: Getty Images Europe)

British meat could be banned until the UK is formally listed as a “third country”.

“The UK would apply for this status but cannot be certain of the EU response or its timing,” says one note.

Dog owners could have to visit the vet at least four months before a trip to the EU. Currently pets can travel on the continent with a “pet passport”.

Peter Vicary-Smith of consumer group Which? said: “It’s clear that a no-deal Brexit could cause chaos for anyone who travels.”


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