Novak Djokovic disagrees with Roger Federer after winning Cincinnati Masters tie | Tennis | Sport


Djokovic came from a set down to beat his French opponent 4-6, 6-2, 6-1 to join Federer in the third round of the competition.

However, after his match he was asked if he would like to change any tennis rules if he was given the chance to do so.

The Serbian pointed out that he heard Federer answer the same question the previous day and the world No 2 said he wanted more five-set matches in the latter end of Masters events.

But Djokovic would in fact implement a different ruling and make all tournaments – including Grand Slams – best of three sets.

“I actually heard him speak about it, he said best of five he would make it,” Djokovic said.

“I am against that. I would have even Grand Slams best of three.

“This new generation of tennis fans and Millenials, they don’t have a great attention span and they want things to happen very quickly.

“So for the players as well and to attract more people and viewers of a younger audience we have to keep tennis matches dynamic and shorter.”

Djokovic also said he would rid the 25-second shot clock which has come into effect at the American hard-court competitions.

“And no shot clock,” he added.

“It is enough time, it is great, but I don’t like it.”

Following Federer’s win against Peter Gojowczyk yesterday, he said: “I would add more best of five sets matches in finals,” Federer answered when asked the one rule he would change.

“In Masters 1000 we have more opportunities to have five-set matches, especially at the World Finals.

“On the ATP Tour we don’t have any five-set matches. I know it’s for player protection, but I feel it’s an opportunity wasted.”

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