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As we all now know, Fortnite is coming to mobile devices in 2018, with both iOS and Android owners being catered for.

Epic Games made the big announcement last week, revealing that the pilot program for the game is set to rollout soon on iOS.

But while this is great news for Mobile gamers, there could also been some big Nintendo Switch games news on the horizon too.

That’s because a recent rumour claims that Fortnite is coming to the Switch console this year.

There’s been plenty of talk of this in recent months, with several reports indicating that something will be announced this year.

But Fortnite might not be the only Battle Royale title coming to Switch.

There are also reports that PUBG will be launching on the hybrid console in the future.

According to the latest reports, the Nintendo Switch version of the game will arrive in 2019 and will essentially be the Mobile build, currently being playtested in China.

This new port will be revealed later this year and will come with its own special Switch features.

This will allegedly mean support for Amiibo, as well as Smaller Maps for Local Play for up to 16.

Full Size Maps will also be Playable Online, with 1080p capped at 30 fps with Support for Gyro Aim and HD Rumble.

As with all online rumours, this one could be proved false, meaning that there is no plans for a Switch PUBG game.

It’s always worth taking these types of reports with a big pinch of salt, especially when there’s still no official news on when we might see a PS4 release.

The rumours of Fortnite coming to Switch started when Video Games journalist Marcus Sellars tweeted: “Fortnite = Nintendo Switch.”

Asked for more information, Sellars said that it came from a very trusted source and that the port would launch later this year.

Epic Games are apparently looking at a release date in August or September, way ahead of PUBG.

He also dropped the Diablo 3 bombshell, suggesting that the Blizzard game would hit Switch next year.

“Diablo 3 is in development for the Nintendo Switch and should be out early 2019,” he tweeted.

“They are wanting to implement Local play with multiple switches.”

While these Fortnite rumours have not been confirmed yet, several other media outlets have confirmed that Diablo 3 is in the works for Switch.

If Fortnite and PUBG are coming to the Nintendo Switch, we should find out more during E3 2018.

The June expo would be the perfect time for both games to be confirmed for launch on the popular gaming device.

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