NHL: Knockouts


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  1. This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I personally don't care about the well-being of "athletes" like Matt Cooke, Milan Lucic, or Vontaze Burfict (football, I know) who play their respective sports with intent to injure MULTIPLE times in their careers. If all three were to shatter their kneecaps or become paraplegic at some point in their lives…good! Fuck those assholes! Seriously, no one can say / type with a straight face that those guys deserve respect or that they somehow don't deserve the bad shit that comes back their way.

    And before some troll here retorts that they make more money than I or that they're a pro who made it…know in advance that I don't care. Like having a lot of money or being a pro athlete automatically puts you in the upper echelons of humanity or makes you a good person. Fuck outta here with that nonsensical b.s.

  2. I heard it said, soccer is a gentleman's game played by thugs. Hockey is a hooligan's game played by gentleman. These guys aren't savages. They are good dudes. I like hockey even though I haven't watched since the Avs were good 15 years ago. Maybe with the Kaepernick bullshit souring me from the NFL, I'm a free agent who should go back to the NHL.


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