Neymar still causing problems for Barcelona despite remaining at PSG | La Liga


Spanish football correspondent Sid Lowe joins Steve Nicol, Shaka Hislop and Brian McBride on the ESPN panel to dissect the problems Neymar is still causing …



  1. Lost soo much Respect for Neymar. Just went to the Brazil vs Peru game and noticed that this guy didn’t acknowledge his fans. $$ really got to him and you could tell he’s really cocky. Ronaldinho was the true #10. Neymar will never be on his level. He doesn’t deserve to wear that Jersey.

  2. Barca think they can snap their fingers and both players and clubs will bow down to them..they did the same with Coutinho..announcing him to the fans when Liverpool still hadn't sold him..unreal

  3. valverde is just poison to barcelona ,cleless no phylosophy ,emotional and stupid . he must leave nje hes killing barcelona . Wasted money on griezman they could have brought a better ball [controller than Griezman hes just so babyish

  4. Barcelona paid 120 mil for Griezemann who is older than Neymar. How logical is that, it must be about revenge against Neymar. They are putting their hurt above bringing back a player who they frankly loved at one time. If Barca and the fans really loved Messi they would put aside their petty childlike pouting and bring back the player who really understand the chemistry of Messi, Saurez & Co.

  5. Why would you want a player who's been a snake to your club, his current club and been stuck with injuries, Worth 200 million and not even the best player in his own team forget about the third best player in the world


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