New trailers: Jessica Jones, Ad Astra, The Lion King, and more


I finally got around to watching Mid90s the other week. The film — written and directed by Jonah Hill — is a surprisingly lo-fi, intimate, personal movie about a kid trying to figure out who he is and how to fit in as he hangs out with a ragtag crew of wannabe skateboarders.

Hill does a really great job showing the isolation and awkwardness of his main character with quiet pauses and wonderfully natural, casual dialog that feels as messy as conversations among young teens really would be. It lets him build a cast of characters who feel vibrant and full, while still coming across just as lost and confused as the film’s much quieter lead.

The most fascinating thing the movie does, though, is let its characters screw up — a lot. Even after a seemingly climactic scene, where the main character is on the cusp of growing up, the film still gives him the chance to fail one more time and watches the repercussions. It’s a really striking structure that I’m not sure I’ve seen before, and it makes the ending feel all the more complicated.

Check out nine trailers from this week below.

Jessica Jones

Here’s the first real trailer for Jessica Jones’ final season, and… it’s a horror trailer! It does that thing with the plucked strings that sound all freaky. Seriously, though, this season looks like a murder mystery, which is a really interesting, sort of low-key approach. It comes out June 14th.

Ad Astra

I can’t quite get a grasp on this movie — it looks like a space thriller, but also a slow sci-fi exploration, but also an over-the-top action film. There’s a shoot out on the moon at one point! It comes out September 20th.

The Lion King

I don’t usually post teasers that are this short, but this is the first time we’ve heard Beyoncé speak in the new Lion King, and I’m pretty sure everyone’s going to be interested in that. The movie comes out July 19th.

For All Mankind

Apple got a lot of criticism for announcing a streaming TV service in March without showing a trailer for even a single show. So at WWDC this week, it fixed that with a preview of Battlestar Galactica producer Ron Moore’s new series about an alternate history where the Soviet Union beats the US to the moon. It’ll come out sometime this fall, when Apple TV Plus launches.

Ford v. Ferrari

Here’s the thing: Christian Bale is doing his thing again, so I don’t really care what this movie is about — I’m just kind of into it. It comes out November 15th.


The creator of BoJack Horseman has a new series coming to Amazon that blends live action and animation, A Scanner Darkly-style, for an appropriately trippy effect in a show about a woman who seems to have started slipping through time and / or space. I was pretty turned off by the YouTube still, so just trust me on this and click play. The first season arrives later this year.

The Rook

Starz has a new fantasy-ish series coming up about a woman who wakes up with her memory wiped and learns that she’s a secret agent with special powers, with some kind of mysterious past. It starts June 30th.


Luce got some great reviews out of Sundance for its unique exploration of prejudice. The film is about a brilliant high school student who suddenly comes under suspicion for various misdeeds. The trailer plays it a little uncomfortably close to presenting the film as being about a black teenager who turns out to be a bad kid, but reviews suggest the movie is a much more complicated story about the way we choose to judge people and interpret troubling events. It comes out August 2nd.

Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story

Martin Scorsese put together this documentary / retro concert film about Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue, an eclectic tour he embarked on in 1975, the same year he released Blood on the Tracks and “Hurricane.” Dylan sat down for a rare interview for the film, which also features old footage of Allen Ginsberg, who accompanied him on the tour.

By Jacob Kastrenakes

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