New Miss USA responds to health care backlash


Kara McCullough, a nuclear scientist from Washington, D.C., speaks to “GMA” about her comments that health care is a “privilege,” not a right.



  1. I think her answer was actualy Good! She was right on point IS a Privilege "currently" … The question wasn"t " what are your thoughts on healthcare SHOULD IT BE a right or privilege …it was IS IT a Right or Privilege

  2. Privileges are commodities.
    Commodities are privileges
    Services are commodities
    Healthcare is a service.
    Therefore healthcare is a privilege.
    The doctor in your town doesn't owe you anything
    Isn't forcing people to pay for services they are not eligible to use theft?

  3. she ' is' a govmt employee…they have a strong union..and taxpayer paid healthcare.   Could not find work in the private sector..cause she aint that smart…private sector employment not based on gender, color etc…requires a real brain not just a liberal degree….this is the trend for people of color….ride the govmt tit from cradle to grave…..clarity is there if you open your eyes to it.    drain the swamp of all the rats.

  4. What a truly silly person. ANYONE who thinks that only certain people should get access to decent health care is very, very sick indeed! And if some of these people claim to be Christian, then that is even worse. Christ's mission was about bringing justice to the 'anawim', the marginalised, the poor, the sick and rejected. The contradiction in values and beliefs is obvious.

  5. Miss DC is/was amazing! I wish I could be that damned intelligent.
    We can clearly see that the only people whining are the ones with real life issues. They're just mad that there are beautiful, intelligent, graceful people like her in the world. The fact that she is super beautiful and doesn't use that to her advantage in the work world says EVERYTHING about her. You are the best, Ms. McCallough!

  6. Political questions are unfair, half the audience will be triggered no matter what she answers, obvious sign of attempt to rig, good for her though, I love Kara and her wonderful Caucasian genes that make her so pretty

  7. I'm definitely gonna say [affordable healthcare for all US citizens] is a privilege. As a government employee, I'm granted healthcare. And I've seen firsthand that for one to have healthcare you need to have jobs.
    What's the fuss? She stated the fact that healthcare is today tied to the privilege of having a job, a privilege not accessible to everyone. That doesn't in any way mean she's satisfied with that fact. If anything I would say her answer was somewhat neutral, and understandably so for a contestant.
    Unfortunately as is often the case in this tweeter age, people have become so entrenched in their opinions, barely listening to others, and would hear what they want to hear, not what has actually been said. I'm afraid her clarification here won't change much.

  8. Feeling that health care is a privilege if one of the many problems with this country so many countries have better health care than us among many other things we as a humans could be progressing further but as of now there are countries progressing far ahead of the USA including food waste, the importance of taking care of the earth, discrimination, science, education, school loans, even down to the use of the metric system and speed of the internet

  9. Personally, I think Kara McCullough is WRONG on both feminism and health care as a privilege and NOT a right. As for feminism, it is a very misunderstood term, and one of them, being anti-male, is NOT true. I feel sad when there are prominent women who happen to be against feminism for years and that is wrong. As for health care, I believe that it is a RIGHT because how can ANYBODY, like Ms. McCullough, explain that to millions of UNINSURED Americans?

  10. She has the right to have her own opinions. I wouldn't say she's dumb although I disagree with her. The whole feminist vs men thing is such bullshit. Those who claim to be feminists and spread hate towards men are not feminists. They are rather closed minded. On behalf of feminists around the world I'd like to apologize. This is not a hate movement. Sadly we are seen as one. I am also very annoyed at the fact that when people think of feminists they usually think of issues like abortion and equal pay for example. Abortion is a very controversial subject don't get me wrong but it's not the only thing we fight for. Neither is equal pay,which many like to claim it's a myth anyways. There are bigger global issues. What about child brides? Genital mutilation? Slavery? Hell even the whole "men get raped too" movements. I personally do not believe that our movement could put an end to these issues. However, we could provide help for those who went through such trauma. I feel like people can be so blind. There's a world out there with many different people and places and lifestyles. Just because we don't agree doesn't mean that we are right and they are wrong. Just because we think we are right it doesn't justify the hate. But hey That's just my view on things take it as you will.

    "I disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it." – Voltaire

  11. I think she still a beautiful individual. Her exterior shows and represents the the mixing pot America has always been.Unfortunately her opinion on health care represents someone who have never called the marketplace. Have you actually sat down and budgeted how you were gonna be able to afford getting birth control? Or lord forbid you go the the ER because u slipped and fell. My insurance requires a 500$ copay flat just for stepping in an ER. That's more than half of my rent.
    If you knew that u wouldn't speak about privilege. Anyone knows military service receives better insurance as well as care and it's deserved. My point is don't speak about something you have no experience or knowledge about. I can go on and on about insurance because I have worked for one of the biggest providers. Maybe you should volunteer at a health care agency I bet you'll have a wayyyy different opinion.

  12. So then you should know that to this day women compared to men still do NOT have equal pay so for someone who has an education you should know that if you keep up to date with news, statistics, and information.

  13. If only the people who are against her that are twisting what she said not doing that then it wouldn't have been so painful to listen to their side. Because some are pointing out reasonable cases but I don't want the annoying, inaccurate statements to get any credit or boost for their own claims just because of those.

  14. I work 35-40 hours a week at decent pay, $12 an hour, pay my taxes, and I still can't afford healthcare nor am I eligible for it through my employer since I'm still technically part-time. I think I deserve affordable health care. I'm a human being contributing to this society.

  15. To be fair, she could've blamed it on how the question was phrased. Since it was "healthcare IS a privilege or a right?". And currently, it's a privilege, though it should be a right.


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