New Info On Nipsey Hussle's Murder | TMZ TV


We’ve learned why Nipsey was at his clothing store the day of the tragedy. SUBSCRIBE: About TMZ: TMZ has consistently been …



  1. This is a class example why going back to the hood doesn't pay off. This guy had a good heart, but his quote, unquote hood failed him. I understand trying to give back, but these hoodlums don't have allegiant's to anyone. …including themselves! !!!! Be afraid of the cop's, but be even more afraid of your own people. ….SAD! !!!

  2. Folks are gonna get mad about what I'm about to say but IDGAF.
    Black men are out here having female emotions and it's sad. Jealousy, envy, wanting and eyeing what others have worked hard for is not cool. You have to actually put in work and effort to get anything in life. But, instead men that can't take real words about their character get mad and use violence against someone that could've been their best supporter.
    We see it all the time in our community. Black women are the number one most educated in America. Yet in still, our black men have not yet leveled up to match our efforts to be our equals. They would rather get quick money and die in the streets over respect that doesn't matter in the real world. I employ black men that are on the road to untimely death to get their emotions and lives together. Dying in the streets is not a way to live your life. Live life more abundantly and with purpose to change the world.

  3. The guy that killed Nipsey Hussle needs the death penalty and I believe Jay z had something to do with it because he sacrifice people to stay on top no other rapper in the industry will ever do what Nipsey did and no one will ever do what he did in his community I'm so sick of these rich money hungry celebrities looking out for only there kind of people not even Oprah Winfrey was ever gonna do what Nipsey did I pray he gets the death penalty or he gets exay what he did to Nipsey torture and a painful death god forgive me but this is true

  4. After that nipsey was suppose to go to a daycare and kiss babies then he was going to the zoo to feed animals then stop by skid row and shower a few homless people before going home to cook for his neighbors

  5. Heartbreaking for the whole community, his family, friends, and his children, He was doing great things for his community and it’s hard to wrap your head around this senseless killing

  6. It's a sad situation don't have the TMZ guy do the narration! I agree a great loss and I wasn't a fan but definitely been listening to Rap Ni#$ al day and Motivation! I'm a fan now but more of the business man! And the TMZ REPORTER woman who said there will never be another to do these things I don't agree. A lot of brothers and sisters are picking up the baton on his business now and cats from the East coast and west coast south, are always going try and get it right!

  7. Hey if tmz is promoting this shenanigan, you can bet your bippy that it's a false flag event orchestrated by your government. Sit on that like button if you seeing it clear now.

  8. But what about the innocent family member killed cause of nippsy murder, no one saying nothing about the innocent victim's who had nothing to do with Nippsy murder, is this a cover-up, seems to me it is, as a gangster they get killed every day, not all are bad but as a way of survival, but when innocent people get killed that's fucked up.

  9. There is absolutely no words I can say to express the hurt and loss I feel for this young man who made it his business to love on and empower people. To reach back and pull up with his actions…not just mere words. I am truly deeply heart…. these tears just won't stop flowing. Who & why could this happen! Lord help this society. Lord help his family. The loss so deep!


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