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LeBron James sent Kevin Durant message

LeBron James should forget about the Los Angeles Lakers landing Kyrie Irving and Kawhi Leonard as Kevin Durant should be their No 1 target, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith claims.

“If I’m LeBron James and I had to pick anybody out there: Klay, Kawhi, Kemba, Kyrie… it don’t matter,” he said on First Take.

“The number one guy you want is KD for a multitude of reasons. Number one, the offensive arsenal that Kevin Durant brings to the equation, particularly as a perimeter shooter.

“It’s incredibly complimentary to the skillsets of the playmaker that is LeBron James.

“Number two, his length, his athleticism, his willingness to defend certainly upgrade you in the regard – those are basketball reasons.

“Here’s the other reasons that are not such a given to other people.

“Kevin Durant is probably about to tie LeBron James for championships… If you’re LeBron, you may not want him to pass you.

“Not only that, you want to prevent Kevin Durant going to the Clippers.

“Because if Kevin Durant goes to the Clippers, particularly if he is joined by Kawhi Leonard, not only will the Lakers not win a championship in the LeBron James era, but the Lakers won’t even be the story in the LeBron James era.

“So there’s a multitude of reasons that if I’m LeBron, why I want to go after KD and get him.

“I don’t think it will happen, not by a long shot, because I don’t think KD would do something like that.

But if I’m LeBron and I had a wishlist… oh that would be it.”

Kyrie Irving to affect Anthony Davis plans

Kyrie Irving will hold the key to Anthony Davis’ future this summer.

New Orleans Pelicans star Davis is expected to join the Lakers this summer after a deal wasn’t agreed before the deadline.

However, former NBA star Stephen Jackson claims Irving’s decision to leave or stay in Boston this summer could dictate whether the Celtics beat the Lakers to Davis.

“That’s the biggest factor,” Jackson said about Irving’s future. 

“You don’t want to have Anthony Davis without Kyrie.

“Nobody knows what Kyrie is going to do next season. Nobody has any idea. That will be a big decision maker for them.

“If there’s any way you can get AD, whilst giving away one of those pieces but still keeping the core together, I think that’s a good move for Danny Ainge.

“But you’ve got to give Danny Ainge props, he’s been doing some remarkable things in the last few years with this team.”


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