Nationals dominated, and the Astros outlasted the Yankees! | ALCS/NLCS Recap


Let”s look back at the Championship Series from both leagues in 2019! The Nationals dominated the Cardinals, while the Astros outlasted the Yankees in a …



  1. Astros were severely tested by the rays and yanks. I'm not really sure how they won the yankee series, ny pitching was outstanding. This Astros team just grinds and grinds.

  2. Nationals rotation has decent era's, but they got to pitch to a pitcher every 9th batter. The fact that Astros pitchers have lower era's while not having the luxury of getting that near automatic out every 9th batter makes their era's all the more impressive.

  3. Looking at these highlights the Cardinals pitching and defense was a joke at times . No wonder they got roasted . Nats you are stepping up in weight class to go against the best team in baseball . All those cheap runs you got off the Cardinals won’t be there this time .

  4. Today I recorded a 2 hr show on the MLB channel with the title 'World Series Press Confences'. They stuck a camera in 9 different Astro's players face. Not ONE mf'ing National. Wth?

  5. Ladies and gentlemen, we have reach the main event of baseball season, a World Series with huge implications for the future of these two franchise, with similar paths in their humble beginnings. The Houston Astros, with the best overall record and another ALCS title in their pocket, look to claim their second World Series in three years. But to do that, they must get through the Washington Nationals, the gritty NLCS champions that scratched and crawled out of the coffin of their past sins, like the Astros once did.

    After battling through tough series with the Rays and Yankees, Houston comes into this bout as the favorite; however, the Nationals are battle-tested, spouting comeback wins against the Brewers and Dodgers and shattering a once strong empire in the Cardinals. Now with the dust settling on an incredible MLB Playoffs, a team trying to forge a dynasty must battle a team with nothing left to lose with everything on the line. This is more than just a championship bout. This about honor, pride, respect, legacy, and a future that the Astros once used to stand for.

    Will the Nationals finally reach the top of the mountain and fulfill a lost promise or will the Astros take back the one achievement they've fought so hard to earn?

  6. The Astros did what they didn't do in 2017, won in NY. In fact they won two in a row to give them a commanding 3-1 lead. Astros outlasted, really MLB that's how you'll title our series with the Yankees?
    You knew we wouldn't win 3 in a row in NY, besides, we had to have Altuve hit one of the more memorable Pennant clinching Home Runs in MLB history (at home.) Bottom line, Houston isn't on the East/West coasts and isn't in the middle of a major media area. We get ignored and the hierarchy of MLB has to appease the Almighty Yankee team/fan-base. 27 titles, it's about time someone dethroned them from their lofty perch.

    Pandemonium is breaking out in the Apple, panic, horror, the Yankees for the first time since the 1910's will not reach a World Series in a decade. I'd feel sorry for them, but I endured 45 years just to be swept. Endured some awful, I mean the worst in the Bigs, multiple 100 loss seasons. Until finally in 2017, twelve, yes Yankee fans (12) years since our abysmal and heartbreaking loss to the White Sox in four games, we made it back. This time sweet victory and a taste of exceptionalism.

    Teams have reached that pinnacle only to be lost in the immediate years after, akin to a fast moving, Green New Deal, Cow Cloud, but what makes these Astros special, they've maintained this incredible expectation and exceptionalism after their initial title in 17. Cubs, disappeared. Red Sox, where are they this year? The Astros, if they can win this World Series against a fearless Nats, will have achieved a semi-Dynasty-like team. Three ALCS appearances in a row with two resulting in The Commissioner's Trophy. Who knows where this Train ends, but I do know a train needs coal/COLE to continue.

  7. The Braves couldn’t hit if their lives depended on it and the cardinals looked like a bunch of little leaguers letting pop flies and fly outs drop all over the place. Meanwhile the Astros are defeating one of the most difficult and well rounded teams in the MLB, the Yankees. The nationals have a great team but their opponents did not bring their best. That being said, it’s going to be a great World Series. Lots of upsets this October.

  8. Cmon Nats! Ya got a bunch of YouTube elites saying you can’t do it! When I know you most certainly can and WILL! Our bullpen is better than their hitters. We’re gonna make history this WS, you can count on it!

  9. Astros have better line up and slightly better bullpen. Dodgers and Cardinals had lot of flaws. Astros are a more complete team that Nationals didn’t face. This WS will be interesting. Will surely be a pitchers’ duel.

  10. what a season for WAS i did not expect them to be in the WS but here they are. after a season they lose Bryce to FA they sign Corbin and the rest is history. what a yr he has had and then WAS going in as a WC and going all the way. my Astros had a great yr also picking up Z in JUL was brilliant. he's been good gm 4 i will never forget it after all the taunts from NYY fans at YS, he overcame all of that pitched 4 innings of 1 run ball, shut MFs up that he can pitch in hostile territory.


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