Mutant pig born with eight legs worshipped in Thailand


The bizarre “spider-pig” was the 13th piglet born in a litter on a farm in rural Thailand, and villagers are flocking from miles around to see it.

Sadly, the pig was stillborn, but the owner has pickled the corpse in a jar for worshippers to come and pay tribute to it.

Superstitious locals believe that the pig can bring them good luck and fortune, and some even think that it could help them win the lottery.

The eerie-looking creature has eight legs, two heads and three ears.

Owner Kanchana Supanich, 46, says visitors were coming to sit cross-legged and pray in front of the dead pig, and even choosing their lottery numbers based on its features.

Kanchana said the number 13 was proving popular as the piglet — nicknamed Fat — was the 13th of the litter.

28 was also a popular number for fortune-seekers, because of the pig’s two heads and eight legs, as well as 38 because of its three ears and eight legs.

“The pig is lucky,” Ms Supanich said. “I have never seen any animal born like this.”

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