Mutant goat video goes viral sparking internet frenzy


BIZARRE footage has emerged on the internet of a unique farm animal. 

In the clip, you see the goat, roaming around with its peers, blissfully unaware of its difference. 

Struggling to stand, a group of men help to lift its head up. 

And the deformed animal’s tongue appears to stick out of the side of its face. 

The upsetting video was shared on Reddit, where it gained a mass of popularity — ammounting over 250 upvotes.


VIRAL: The video of the mutant goat has caused a frenzy

It was uploaded with the title: “A new breed of goat.”

And since it was posted yesterday, a number of comments have expressed their heartache for the animal. 

One comment read: “Terribly sad. will probably have to lose his life for it. Unless they manage to care for it forever.”

Another added: “This is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m crying.”

And a third simply said: “Poor little guy.”

It is thought that the illness is cyclopia — a rare form of holoprosencephaly and is a congenital disorder.

It is caused by the failure of the embryonic prosencephalon to proporly divide the eyes into two cavities. 

Just last week, footage emerged of a mutant lamb born with two heads. 

And before that a deformed pig went viral after appearing to look like a human. 

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