Modi’s India: Is Modi failing the jobless? – BBC News


One of the greatest challenges facing India is the creation of new jobs for its rapidly expanding workforce. The current government, led by Prime Minister …



  1. Can someone please help me out here? If 80% of the economy is in the informal sector and they can't measure informal employment, How are they currently measuring GDP? I'm lost

  2. It's not easy to creat jobs
    Since independence 1947 this situation has challenged every political parties. But modi sir created new way of employment- make in India- and so many nice things has been done by the modi Sardar.
    All top leaders are working and no one has been accused for corruption this shows the real efforts of modi government.
    Even in America so many jobless people are there.
    So think and then say anything about Modi Government-
    Jai Hind

  3. Namastey BBC . First of all i would like to clearify that my words are not mean to target to anybody.i just want to give my opinion. No matter which government comes and go. Minority people like me will always be neglected here in india. My life has been wasted being born in india. I pray to god to deliver me in a good place in my next rebirth. I am tired of being 3rd class citizen in india. I think blaming to government wouldn't be a solution. I should blame to my luck. Being born in india is a sin.

  4. I have a decent solution to overpopulation. A prolonged birth rate will reduce birth rate significantly. Unlike Chinas forcefull 1 child policy a more rational population control would be having child after 28 years of age or so. This will not just reduce population but also improve standards of living.
    And good reason for this is, avg life expentency 200-300 years ago was around 40 years and now it's over 65 years so it only makes sense to have a child a bit late to match the life expectancy.

  5. Finally, they changed and reuploaded this video again. Actually, yesterday bbc uploaded the same video but they used the wrong MAP of Indian which was missing with J&K. After the complain made on their official website regarding the Indian MAP issue they edited the video.

  6. BBC, I don't like that after your previous MAP mistake you didn't correct it but instead directly removed it form the video. Are you afraid of the CHINESE ? Has BREXIT left you hypocrites so vernarable.

  7. It seems BBC people are afraid of Modi and BJP that's why they are not showing the reality and challenging Modi's lies and hypocrisy…. Shame on BBC news….. BBC is frightened of Modi….

  8. Failing the jobless? He's failing everyone and everything. Why the hell does India even have a space programme?
    They hardly have working toilets and they want to go into Space?
    Even if they actually made it into Space, what are they going find there?
    There are no rupees in Space. Fraudulent criminals like this Modi idiot need capital punishment. The people of India need to wake up. The whole country is a mess from the corrupt Police to the criminal Politicians endorsing gangs to spread drugs throughout the country.

  9. I think the main problem of unemployment is Quality of education. In schools and colleges there is nothing like practical education here. You just remember what is in the book and paste on answer sheet. Obviously no employer wants dumb employees for their company. There are actually many jobs available but students are just graduated not educated.


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