MMA Community Reacts to the FASTEST KNOCKOUT IN UFC HISTORY Jorge Masvidal vs Ben Askren,Dana White


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  1. Jorge Masvidal is not an athlete, he is a parasitic criminal, an irresponsible one.
    He struck his opponent in disarray and mocked him, he mocked. This is not sport, nor should it be celebrated, we should be ashamed of this shit called MMA.

  2. Masvidal is nothing more than a street thug i mean to put it simply hes stupid, hes says its nothing personal against ben but then in the same breath says he doesnt like him and wants him to piss blood. If thats not fuckin personal i dont know what is. Also rest a sure karma is a bitch and Jorge will get what is coming to him, not cool to land punches after the guy is knocked out cold he could of killed him.

  3. They would be stupid not to rematch it.. $$$ everyone wants to see Ben get more than a knee a two(well deserved punches).. i feel like Masvidal got robbed.

  4. 8:30 what a piece of shit – duhhh, 'it's my job to keep hitting someone until the referee pulls me off…' Duuuh….
    So if the ref had a heart attack behind him and didn't pull him off, he'd kill his opponant?…. He's fuckin' idiot … this is so sad. I can't enjoy his victory because he friggin idiot who lowers the standard of martial arts for us all… CTE ain't a joke.

  5. Ben Askren finally exposed as a fucking bum clown and finally got knocked out COLD..wish Robbie Lawler would have put his lights out the first time around!!! Ben Askren you chorny fucking may never speak and talk shit again..even as he was led out of the octagon he looked like he had no idea where he was!!!

  6. On what planet does predicting Luke getting ko’d by a left hook mystic Mac level? Lol, everyone was predicting that, always tip against Ken Flo, except for when the outcome is that obvious.

  7. I've watched this KO over and over and over and it still shocks me! Brutal KO! Glad to see Masvidal getting what he deserves after 16 years of hardwork. He's a fighters fighter and it's time for a title shot. If Kamaru can't go, then set up an interim bout with Colby Covington's dumbass.

  8. Masvidals celebration was epic! LOL Laying stretching out like a freshly KO'd fish…… Frikin hilarious! Def 1 of my top 5 favorite fighters to watch at the moment!


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