MLB Power Rankings (Top Ten after first week)


Check out the Power Rankings after the first full week of the season! What are your thoughts?? Full power rankings here: …



  1. What reason do you have putting these teams under 500 over actually good teams??? Just because the teams made the playoffs last year doesn’t mean that they’re actually good in the first week

  2. Comment Section Recap: Salty (no pun intended) Mariners fans moaning about their team not in the top ten, while others complain about the Red Sox getting a good slot despite their slow start.

  3. Yeah the M's dont deserve to be in the top 10. Lets be real here, they are gonna choke at the end of the season as always. Although I love them so much u gotta be honest with yourself.

  4. WTF MLB you screwed off the mariners. They are about to break a record for most games with at least one home run. They also lead the league in homeruns. They one 3-1 in the series against the Red Sox, and somehow there on this list.


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