Meghan, Harry’s hypocritical move


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  1. not good these days …everyone seems to selfishlyt ready… take other peoples wives or husbands …….or on strictly no morals dancing …….not watching that rubbish any more either……without thinking how much they are hurting others, now that is so cruel think about all the people you are upsetting and harming and wrecking…. other peoples lives.

  2. Trust me ,they have informed all the Hollywood people. Just not the people who pay the bills.The British public just not important enough. All those Hollywood losers who watch Harvey Weinstein and did nothing. I feel for Harry and RF.

  3. I think you people forget that Harry is a member of the Royal family, Harry is still holding the media for his mother death, and I don't blame her for not wanting lot of men watching her give birth, it is her choice

  4. Harry is no longer a favorite. He is enabling devious MM and has lied for a year and now carries a baby doll that he presented to the Queen and press as his baby. He is a weak man and looks like an idiot. Meghan is clearly a liar and opportunist and has cast a long shadow of doubt on the reason for the Monarchy.

  5. Can't figure out their leaving the cottage
    Where they had wanted privacy if not secrecy
    That's where it all starts then what happened
    Inthe car then inthe hospital where no doctor
    Actually sign any papers as witnessed for her
    Being the biological mother….

  6. Harry now married to markle is moody and wants all the benifits for markle not for the everyday people we actually pay for their lifestyle although i dint think we should but he needs to think bigtime she i think like i have heard is a gold digger

  7. The Sussex's want to hide behind their 'royal rights' to do as they wish? FINE, I say we should BOYCOTT ALL THEIR ACTIVITIES, INCLUDING THEIR CHARITIES. It's on, like donkey kong. Buh bye Sussex's.

  8. I am sorry for Megan after all. She tried her best to climb the social ladder and boom she fell flat on her face! It's lucky the belly is silicone so it didn't get hurt.


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