Manchester United v. Brighton | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 11/10/19 | NBC Sports


Manchester United returned to winning ways, putting three goals past Matt Ryan and Brighton to claim a 3-1 victory at Old Trafford. #NBCSports …



  1. ManU lucky against a weaker opponent – not good enough for the top of premier league!

    Some good and intelligent passes – but the accuracy is not good, and a lot more overview and unselfishness is needed!

  2. Before any of u get mad with my comment, in my opinion, Ole is doing the best job under the circumstances, ok? its like an onion u have to peel back the layers to see it all of the MUFC organization. Ole has the players playing hard more than ever.The players are buying into the philosophy of Ole & the other members of the coaching staff, their psyche is sensitive, most are young, they need to continue with the positive, & creativity, someone who believes in them, going thru their growing pains. If only the vampires-g boyz owners, & (ED-floating head) allow some money in January window to purchase a midfielder &/or front line help for depth, so the current squad does not get tired out, or get injured as easy to help the current players between now & end of season. This summer transfer window will be extremely short with Euro cup 2020 in multiple countries, semi-finals & finals in England, ed needs to help out Ole with bringing new recruits to mesh with the current as well as the up & coming academy players. Ed cannot take an eternity to wheel & deal. He needs to be negotiating now to prepare the different variables-Plan A, plan B ect. not playing the wait game like he has done in years past. Otherwise, there will not be enough time to do sufficient business necessary in the summer window, so we must find quality-not potential shirt sales out of the January window.

  3. As much as I loved this performance, I am starting to believe that if we score early or first, we are doing well. But we are not able to comeback if we are trailing by a goal or two. If United score early, added pressure on the opposition, they start coming forward leaving spaces behind setting up perfectly for United to counter-attack (Thanks to pace upfront). If the opposition score early and sit back, I don't see the current team breaking opposition defense and scoring. They seem like they are just not made for this. Hopefully, they learn this. And Rashford, for God's sake, needs to become more clinical in finishing. GGMU

  4. Rashford honestly is a shite player lmao. Give him 20 chances and he’ll only score 2. He’s supposedly a “lethal striker” yet isn’t even near good enough to be praised to that level . Horrible player


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