Liverpool vs. Arsenal preview: Can the Gunners slow down Liverpool? | English Premier League


Craig Burley, Paul Mariner and Alejandro Moreno of ESPN FC preview the biggest game in the English Premier League this weekend in Liverpool vs. Arsenal.



  1. Arsenal just add a couple of players and already look world class? They played two donkey teams while Liverpool played Man City, Norwich city, Chelsea and Southampton in a short space of time, losing Alisson in the process. Suddenly everyone think Arsenal can do Liverpool who takes 3 years in one transfer window. Arsenal will play with one striker, not 3 like Liverpool. Arsenal will play like Burnley, park the bus and long ball counter, if they want to get something out of the game.

  2. We have to top strikers in the premier League.

    They sit there talking about a team who has one defender and the rest a bunch of unproven players.

    Whereas as in Arsenal we have attackers who will murder left right centre

  3. Liverpool are not the best team on the ball and they are not better than us at controlling the game . If arsenal can control frustrate and counter Liverpool’s failings going forward , we can beat Liverpool and shock everyone

  4. Whether you like it or not , Liverpool aren't facing a pathetic worse Arsenal team this weekend. After the Europa League final loss , mentality of the team has rapidly changed. Games are taken seriously and now they have upgraded their squad . Pepe impressed, Luiz was amazing and Ceballos is very good. If Liverpool players take this game comfortably , they will lose. However Arsenal's aim is not just to win the game but give a respectable appearance . My aim which I hope to be achieved is watch a beautiful game like those of the old Premier League ones. #YNWA

  5. Since Arsène left, Arsenal has improved in defending, mainly in the center, (midfield and defence) but they stay very vulnerable on the sides, and they sacrificed their control of the game, the possession of the ball, which is a shame, and they still will never win a game against the top five, mainly because they give away the control of the game, at some moment of the game, when they shouldn't, they lack the winner's confidence, individually, and as a team, the ties among the players are much too weak, most don't really care to cover their partner, they are therefore unable to recover the ball up high and place deadly counterattacks. Pressing high with offensive reconversion is the key to win a season, by scoring when in difficulty, that was what they had, long ago, and they don't have it back , yet.

  6. Arsenal need to attack today because Liverpool is weak at the back at this moment they adjust defence to VAR by playing higher line and Adrian is nothing but average. Arsenal will score 3 today.

  7. This is Arsenal's chance to grab something away at Liverpool with Adrian in goal. Arsenal's away record against the top teams hasn't been that great in the PL. Last time they won a big game away at home was against City back on 2015 that they haven't won away against the other big boys like Chelsea 2011, Liverpool 2012, Spurs 2014, United 2006 they've got a few draws but never really won in the PL in along time

  8. As An Arsenal fan, these are the games where we NEED results, these are the games that show we can be title contenders this weekend we have to be on fire in order to even get more than 5 Shots off against a defense as strong as Liverpool's.


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